TCRT5000 3 PIN Infrared Tracking Sensor Module

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The infrared emitting diode of the TCRT5000 sensor continuously emits infrared rays. When the emitted infrared rays are not reflected back or reflected back but the intensity is not large enough, the infrared receiving tube is always in the off state, and the output end of the module is low level, indicating The diode is always off; when the detected object appears in the detection range, the infrared light is reflected back and the intensity is large enough, and the infrared receiving tube is saturated. At this time, the output end of the module is high, indicating that the diode is illuminated.

🏅Using TCRT5000 infrared reflection sensor
🏅Detection reflection distance: 1mm~25mm
🏅Working voltage: 3.3V - 5V
🏅Output form: digital signal (0 and 1)
🏅With fixed bolt holes for easy installation
🏅Small board PCB size: 3.5cm x 1cm
🏅Weight: 4.5g

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