Sumo-X v.1 LITE Educational & Competition kits

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Sumo-X LITE | Sumo-X LITE | Sumo-X LITE

Let young generation be in touch with robotics world , Programming , and Engineering world with Sumo-X

Educational Sumo Robot Kits πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
Prefect for beginners who want to learn about sumo robot

The Xenix SumoX LITE- An educational yet competition standard sumo robot kits. The size 15 cm x 15 cm robot size is designed for 1 kg Autonomous Sumo Robot or Remote Controller Sumo Robot competition.

It is special designed for beginners who love sumo robot but do not know how to start

πŸ€– Education and competition level
πŸ€– Weight <1kg , Size 15cm x 15cm
πŸ€– Stainless steel & Aluminium body Structure
πŸ€– Remote Control OR Autonomous modes
πŸ€– MAKER MINI SUMO Controller Board
πŸ€– 11.1v 1300mAh LiPo Battery*
πŸ€– 2 x Silicone Wheels
πŸ€– 2 x 500 RPM Micro Metal DC Motors
πŸ€– 3 x SHARP Infrared Range Analog Distance Sensors
( Autonomous model ONLY)
πŸ€– 2 x QTR-1A Reflectance Sensors
( Autonomous model ONLY)
πŸ€– Turbo 91803G 3 channel Remote Controller
( RC Model ONLY )
πŸ€– Xenix Front Xblade
πŸ€– LED On/Off Switch
πŸ€– User Manual ( Soft copy)
πŸ€– Ready to Fight , Plug-N-Play

LITE Version - NO Hard protector case 

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