Sumo-X v.1 Educational & Competition kits

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The Xenix SumoX - An educational yet competition standard sumo robot kits. The size 15 cm x 15 cm robot size is designed for 1 kg Autonomous Sumo Robot or Remote Controller Sumo Robot competition.

It is special designed for beginners who love sumo robot but do not know how to start, the kits come with complete user manual to assemble and switch from RC to Auto mode and of course with the Arduino coding ,easy understanding the steps to program the sumo robot.

Sumo-X v.1 - Sumo Robot Education kits
Bi-Mode , Autonomous & Remote Control

πŸ€– Education and competition level
πŸ€– Weight <1kg , Size 15cm x 15cm
πŸ€– Stainless steel & Aluminium body Structure
πŸ€– Remote Control and Autonomous modes
πŸ€– URC10 Cytron Sumo Robot Controller Board
πŸ€– 11.1v 1300mAh LiPo Battery*
πŸ€– 2 x Xenix High Friction Silicone Wheels
πŸ€– 2 x 500 RPM Micro Metal DC Motors
πŸ€– 3 x SHARP Infrared Range Analog Distance Sensors
πŸ€– 2 x QTR-1A Reflectance Sensors
πŸ€– Turbo 91803G 3 channel Remote Controller
πŸ€– Xenix Front Xblade
πŸ€– LED On/Off Switch
πŸ€– Hard Protector Suit Case
πŸ€– User Manual
πŸ€– Ready to Fight , Plug-N-Play

First batch = RM 980 ( 10 units ONLY )
Second Batch = RM 1050 ( 10 units )
Third Batch = RM 1199

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