Line Tracker Line Sensor Board (Unassembled) for Arduino Autosumo Robot

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Basic sensor board for line following robots. Includes all parts for line tracking sensor.

Line tracking sensor for basic robot projects. With high quality QRD1114E Optocouplers, board used for sensing white, black colours, lines. Comes as unassembled and soldering takes 5 minutes.


Testing the Tracker Sensor

The sensor can easily be tested by following this simple step by step procedure.

1) Prepare a test surface using a sheet of white paper and a short section of black electrical tape.

2) Apply a regulated 5V to LineTracker board (+ is 5V, – is Ground 0V)

3) Hold the sensor about 2-3mm above the white paper and notice the blue LEDs turn on. If not quickly remove power and double check your wiring!

4) Move the sensor over the electrical tape positioning each of the three IR sensor pairs over the tape one at a time.
You will notice the LED that’s positioned over the tape go out and come back on as it’s moved back to the white section of the paper.

5) You can connect the outputs to a microcontroller to test them, or just connect the outputs to a voltmeter. Each output will go high (5V) when positioned over white, and low (0V) when positioned over black.

How to Assemble?

It is easy just attach that parts to correct places and solder. You will need soldering gun, solder and clipper.

  • R1: 220 Ohm. Red, Red, Brown.
  • R2: 10 Kohm. Brown, Black, Orange.
  • R3: 1 Kohm. Brown, Black, Red.
  • C1: 104 marked, 100nF Capacitor.
  • Line Sensors: Attach from below, code side will have written side.
  • IC: Notch will be at left, looking outside. Please solder first 14 Pin IC socket.
  • Leds: Flat cut negative pins marked at PCB.
  • Male Header: Used for interface. (5 Pins, 3 Signal – 2 Power)
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