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Technical features

  • Compatible with Arduino UNO R3 hardware
  • Atmel's ATmega328PB microcontrollers have 32 kilobytes of flash program memory, 10,000 new programs, data memory, 512-byte e-mails, and 1 kilobytes of RAM memory. Geographical
  • There is a USB port for uploading programs and communicating with the computer.
  • There is a RESET switch.
  • There is a connection point according to Arduino UNO standards.
  • There are 3 pin IDC connectors (signal pins, power supply and ground), a total of 20 points, divided into 14 digital pin ports (pin numbers 0 to 13) and digital or analog (optional) 6-pin ports. 
  • There is an additional 4 ports per port due to the use of the ATmega328PB chip, which is the pin 20 to 23, which is a pin, digital output input port, and 2 analog inputs, ie 20 / A6 and 21 / A7.
  • There is a point to connect 2 bus systems (I 2 C) to expand the system.
  • There is a serial port to connect the serial data SERIAL1 (TX1, RX1, power supply and ground) which is added due to the use of the ATmega328PB chip is an additional capability of requesting ports 11 (TX1) and 12 (RX1). Can be used to connect to other serial data communication modules more easily without using the original SERIAL that is used in conjunction with the USB port converter chip to UART 
  • Use a switching power supply that accepts input voltage from the adapter jack from 3 to 12V, therefore can be used with batteries. And also use the power supply from the USB port as well. The power supply of the board provides 2 direct output voltage, + 5V and + 3.3V for raising the entire circuit. With jumper, choose the desired power level Usually choose to + 5V
  • The ATmega328PB chip has been programmed with a new fuse bit that can maintain the contents of the internal e-memory. When uploading code This ability does not exist in the original Arduino UNO, causing the memory of the Mullie Phon that was written in the original version of the ATmega328P in the Arduino UNO.
  • Has the ability to prevent reading data from program memory or code protection. This capability is not available in the original Arduino UNO
  • There is a higher upload speed than the traditional Arduino UNO. Develop a program with Arduino IDE 1.7.10, a special version that INEX has specially improved to support the ATmega328PB microcontroller.  
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