Xenix Robotic | Malaysia Best Robotic Classroom

SIX Reasons Why your Children Should Learn Robotics :

1. Robotics programs develop problem-solving skills and creativity
2. Robotics teaches science and maths concepts
3. Robotics is fun
4. An Introduction to Programming
5. Robotics programming builds self confidence
6. Guarantees your children’s employment when they grow up

1. 机器人程序让孩子开发解决问题技巧与创意
2. 机器人学融合科学与数学概念
3. 机器人非常有趣
4. 机器人学-让孩子们接触程序
5. 机器人程序帮助孩子建立自信心
6. 保障您孩子的未来前途

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