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The Xenix Robotics Story

Our story began in 2013. Back then we were a small robotics learning centre in Kepong, Kuala Lumpur. The Humanoid Robotics Resources , the formerly company name of Xenix Robotics Workshop. With our experience coaching , our students gained knowledge from robotics competition , local and international. 

Today, we are privileged to connect with many international competition and company to build robotics kits and organised many international competition.

Xenix Robotics Workshop Mission

Our mission: to build the awareness of robotics in Malaysia. Let more young children and robotic hobbyists to understand and discover the knowledge of new technology of robotics. Especially in Humanoid Robotics.

Our Robot

We’ve always believed in teaching the best robotics knowledge to Malaysia Young children. It's our goal to teach young generation in coding and understanding the knowledge of robotics, our syllabus not only let the young generation in Malaysia to learn or discover the knowledge of robotics but our students also gained the experience in international competition and returned with flying colour of result to let them further study in University. Our signature products , XR-ONE

And CYBOT, the fighting Humanoid made our students more understanding the principle of robotics.

Our Workshop

Our workshop located at Wangsa Permai , Kepong , Kuala Lumpur

4-1 Jalan Wangsa 2/5 Taman Wangsa Permai. Currently we have only one workshop in Malaysia. Sooner, Xenix Robotics Workshop will have more branches in Malaysia.



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